About Me

Hello lovely’s, my name is Becky and I live in Hertfordshire. I started this blog at the end of 2013 so I am still new to blogger. Though it’s a new passion of mine and I enjoy every second typing away for your entertainment! I have always enjoyed reading other fashion blogs and watching YouTube videos, so I decided why not try it out for myself.

I love all aspects of fashion; the collaboration of outfits, customising, bargains, beauty, so expect to see all of this on my blog. I personally enjoying tell you guys about the stories behind my clothes and my favourite cheap places to shop which are charity shops, car boot sales and occasionally a good old sale in Topshop.

Here is a little bit about my everyday life: I enjoy drama very much and along with fashion it’s one of my greatest hobbies. I am in my first year of A levels and I am taking English Literature, Drama, Media and Psychology. I am looking to pursue a career in fashion journalism or drama.

So this pretty much sums me up and my blog, hope you enjoy my blog. J

Becky xx 

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